Deploying a Python Flask server

March 28, 2015

Recent changes at work has made it clear that our small team of 3 core developers really need to take charge of how we setup things and deployed across our IT infrastructure. I already know I will learn a lot and an important part in that process is to spread gained knowledge beyond simply myself.

In this light, I'm planning to do a series of articles on deployment of a semi-complex Flask server with an accompanying MongoDB database. The contents of this series of posts will evolve over time but for now I'm at least planning to cover:

  • Supervisord: babysitting your processes
  • Gunicorn/uWSGI: another layer to add speed to your server
  • Gulp.js: building and compiling front-end assets
  • Vagrant + Ansible: bootstrapping a development environment
  • GitHub webhooks: complete deployment automation

I will start with a nifty little utility I just picked up: supervisord.